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This project was about building a data pipeline to move network traces from a dataset to a Neo4J data store using Python. Each trace over TCP and UDP as well as their subtraces (ARP and ICMP) need to be modelized and stored in Neo4J. The purpose is to visualize each sender and receiver as Nodes, as well as the type of the protocol used as a relationship.

Libraries and packages used:

PYPCAPFILE: Python library for handling, reading and parsing packets from a pcap file.

SCAPY: A Python program that enables the user to send, read, dissect and forge network packets. …

March 2 marks the first confirmed COVID19 case in Morocco.
Since then, the country witnessed ups and downs and the government’s took very early on preventive measures.

In this article, we will see how the epidemic evolved over the months and answer the following questions:

  1. State of the epidemic in Morocco
  2. How clusters affected each of the thirteen regions in Morocco
  3. Evaluate the measures and efforts taken by the Moroccan government from the beginning of the confinement to date

Two datasets are used:

  • covidma.csv: contains the confirmed, deaths, recovered and exluded cases over time for each region
  • covid_coordinates.csv: contains the…

Before becoming a Microsoft Student Partner, I was not using any of the Microsoft technologies to develop or deploy my application. I was mainly using JavaScript from Front-end to Back-end, namely Reactjs, and Nodejs (with Expressjs). Most of my past applications were developed using those technologies.

However, becoming an MSP gave me the opportunity (and the chance!) to explore new horizons with new and exciting technologies. Before diving deeper in new programming languages and frameworks, I needed to first learn how to deploy my previous applications using a Microsoft technology: Azure.

There are probably many people in the same situation…

Lasri Mouad

Senior Computer Science student at Al Akhawayn University. Expected to graduate in 2020.

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